jon spencer blues explosion live in brooklyn (1990’s)

Pretty much the only music I really hate is “corporate country” and fluff. Hope y’all can stay with me through jolts and twists. I’ll never stay in one place. I like this stuff and would have liked to have been there.

Also, I live in the northern Sierras and will be posting some of what’s going on around here. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, California tomorrow.

Renaud Louis-Servais Guitar Lessons in English (Teacher of Tina S)

UPDATE:  **Renaud now is giving private guitar lessons on Skype.**


Renaud Louis-Servais, as I have previously pointed out (examples here and here), is an exciting, dynamite guitarist and a wonderful fusion composer and performer.  He is known by many as the (obviously great) teacher of Tina S from her success on YouTube, but he is a complete working musician.  (Please check the links below.) If you are an English speaker and would like some top-rate guitar instruction, you should know he is now teaching guitar in English at Riff State. [Private lessons on Skype.]

Of course, you can get lessons in French, too.  Check out sites below.

Riff State

See also:

Tina S covers Yngwie Malmsteen – Arpeggios From Hell

Tina S continues her wonderful development toward the highest levels of her art! She is building a very impressive foundation of skill and knowledge step-by-step. I hugely admire Tina.

Malmsteen challenges; Tina accepts (with magnificent results)!  (It really was a kind a challenge on Yngwie Malmsteen’s part.)

…and remember, Tina is still only 14 years old.  [Update: 15 years old today- 7 April]

I hope viewers of my blog are sophisticated enough to know that Tina is going about her guitar/musical education just as she should be…that, although her progress is astonishingly rapid, there is no substitute for practicing and accomplishing just the kind of exercises (covers) she is patiently accumulating.  There are no shortcuts (unless less than the highest level is acceptable). I am grateful that she chooses to share her work on videos.

***Update:  Update: Check out Tina’s newest video “Through the Fire and Flames” for some more smokin’ shredding!

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Tina S Interview (Spanish) in Terra Argentina

[I’m continuing to copy music posts from onemcdonaldroad to twomcdonaldroad (this blog).]

Tina S — Watch This Girl

[Update: Tina is now (7 April) a 17 year old guitarist!]


[Technical notes from an impressed Steve Ouimette:  ““This is just ridiculous,” he says. “Tina has a really aggressive style and a killer vibrato. Aside from the crazy-hard track that covers the entire fingerboard, you rarely see her looking down at the fingerboard, and her right-left hand coordination is incredible. Her picking hand has a snap to it that gives notes an authoritative sound and her ability to shake and bend notes right in the midst of fast passages adds a ton of personality to them.”] From Terra Magnum

I will only add that another strength is Tina’s beautiful fluid playing.  It is very impressive and adds distinction to every one of her submissions.


You’ll be hearing much more from Tina S. I’m not speaking lightly. She has the quality in her playing, musical development, and deportment that says “high quality”, “accomplishment”, and “success”. I say this after decades of close experience with and attention to much music…and my record of discerning future “stars” is very good. 🙂

Some folks say, “Why doesn’t she do this?” or “Why doesn’t she do that?”  She’s 15 and has reached a level most people would envy.  There is plenty of time for her to develop in her own manner and toward her own inclinations.

[Tina S fansI’ve added a picture on this post, as you can see.  I have also added a picture of Tina with John Petrucci on the post about Tina’s cover of “The Best of Times”.]

Tina S



10014566_255497954632487_1249997330_n (Please see Tina’s Facebook site.)

May 12, 2016: I haven’t updated some of the posts about Tina for a while.  I have old pictures here. Here is her latest picture…from April of this year.

12967519_536641763184770_6278601715448550752_o - Copy

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Sunday morning: (Mostly) Tina S thoughts / Tina S — Watch This Girl (Update)


“Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) Tina S cover

Dream Theater – “The Best of Times” – Tina S Cover

Tina S covers Yngwie Malmsteen – “Arpeggios From Hell”

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Solo Cover — Tina S

Tina S Covers “The Loner” by Gary Moore (Tina S Watch this Girl Update)

…and if you want to learn to play the guitar, Tina’s teacher, Renaud Louis-Servais, can help teach you!…Here:

Renaud Louis-Servais Guitar Lessons in English (Teacher of Tina S)

Dream Theater – The Best of Times – Tina S Cover

Update: Here is Tina’s new cover “Through the Fire and Flames“. (You’ll find links to her other videos there, too.)

Tina S is an astonishing 14 year old [now 15] French guitarist. She’s getting better all the time. I’m knocked out about her. I think she will reach the highest levels. I recently wrote a comment in Guitar World.  [Update:  Tina is now 15 years old– 7 April]

“Tina never rests on her laurels or takes the easy or facile path. She sets big, significant objectives, achieves them (with awesome results), and goes on to the next. This girl is serious and has great fortitude. And, as incredible as she is, she is getting better. Her expressive abilities in complex pieces are growing by leaps and bounds. Still only 14, she is clearly headed for the highest levels of her art.

Tina’s YouTube channel.

Tina’s “Best of Times” cover has a unique beauty. Tina has qualities that I think put her considerably above other guitarists of her age. I greatly admire her playing and will continue to support her here and elsewhere.

John Petrucci of “Dream Theater” is another admirer.  He and Dream Theater invited Tina backstage during a performance at the Zénith in Paris.  They also play her “The Best of Times” video during intermission at their performances.  Here is a picture of Tina and John Petrucci.

1795813_238880026294280_884574865_o (See Tina’s Facebook site)

… Check out this Dream Theater half time show…There is Tina at 5:40.  🙂

(via asgir)

Blog notes

I just began this music blog.  I have another blog at onemcdonaldroad that was originally intended to contain about half art and half music posts.  It wasn’t working as intended, so I decided to start this one.

Most of my life, music has been a primary interest.  I’ve always been interested in visual art, but only recently have I begun exploring it in depth…and it is a lot of fun.  Nevertheless, I grew up with music and it has always been a major part of my life and always will be.

Those who expect me to focus on one genre of music will be disappointed.  I love classical , but I am intensely interested all music, and I hope I will never stop discovering what is exciting in all kinds of music.  For example, I admit I wasn’t well-acquainted with “fusion” as a genre until recently.  But through certain circumstances I discovered the music of Renaud Louis-Servais, and it opened up a new field of discovery and appreciation.  That’s pretty much how I operate.  I am in this world for a limited time.  I want to discover and appreciate what is good in it with as few prejudices as possible blocking my appreciation.