Dream Theater – The Best of Times – Tina S Cover

Update: Here is Tina’s new cover “Through the Fire and Flames“. (You’ll find links to her other videos there, too.)

Tina S is an astonishing 14 year old [now 15] French guitarist. She’s getting better all the time. I’m knocked out about her. I think she will reach the highest levels. I recently wrote a comment in Guitar World.  [Update:  Tina is now 15 years old– 7 April]

“Tina never rests on her laurels or takes the easy or facile path. She sets big, significant objectives, achieves them (with awesome results), and goes on to the next. This girl is serious and has great fortitude. And, as incredible as she is, she is getting better. Her expressive abilities in complex pieces are growing by leaps and bounds. Still only 14, she is clearly headed for the highest levels of her art.

Tina’s YouTube channel.

Tina’s “Best of Times” cover has a unique beauty. Tina has qualities that I think put her considerably above other guitarists of her age. I greatly admire her playing and will continue to support her here and elsewhere.

John Petrucci of “Dream Theater” is another admirer.  He and Dream Theater invited Tina backstage during a performance at the Zénith in Paris.  They also play her “The Best of Times” video during intermission at their performances.  Here is a picture of Tina and John Petrucci.

1795813_238880026294280_884574865_o (See Tina’s Facebook site)

… Check out this Dream Theater half time show…There is Tina at 5:40.  🙂

(via asgir)

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