Prog Sphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 28 — Renaud-Louis Servais Group and Others

Here is an interesting and fun compilation of recent progressive rock pieces recently posted by Renaud-Louis Servais on his Facebook page.  It is, of course, on Prog Sphere YouTube channel. (RLSG – Renaud Louis-Servais Group is on track 8…”Epic Circus” that will soon be released on cd.) I am an admirer of Renaud and his group but there is a lot of other great stuff, too.  (Here is the Prog Sphere website.)

Track listing:

01. El Circulo de Willis – El hombre entre la multitud 00:0006:04
02. Malacoda – Cutting 06:0610:01
03. Kes – Hak 10:0315:37
04. Widek – Earthshine (feat. Plini) 15:3820:09
05. Klone – Immersion 20:1125:16
06. In The Presence of Wolves – Storm in a Red Dress 25:1829:36
07. Vola – A Stare Without Eyes 29:3934:32
08. Renaud Louis-Servais Group – Epic Circus 34:3441:04
09. Father Figure – Schizophrenzy 41:0546:26

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