Tina S Covers “Tornado of Souls” of Megadeth

Another stunning Tina S video!  Listen to the solo carefully (and to her other work). The dynamics are out of this world.  So many elements go into her formula, and they are all carefully-crafted elements put together with great skill.  One of the best things about it is that it is special, unique and very musically articulate.  Granted I’ve been a fan of Tina (and saw her potential, I believe) from long before she was the internet sensation she is now and am very familiar with her work and musical development, I could pick out her work easily from a crowd of covers. Nothing like it. Among the most exciting and listenable covers on YouTube.  (And Tina is still 16….17 soon.)


Tina’s YouTube channel

Tina’s Facebook page

You’ll find other Tina S videos and commentary on this site, but be sure to visit her YouTube channel!

Tina was filmed and taught by Renaud Louis-Servais





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