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Classical, rock, blues, jazz...what interests me. I listen to many hours of music a week and sift out what I consider of particular interest for this site. [My personal background is rooted in classical and the "San Francisco Sound"; but, of course it's just the center. Everyone has a center, no matter how much exploration and elaboration throughout life.] If you are interested in more than is posted here, you can check my Facebook page where I publicly post much more music most days. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

D’un soir triste — Lili Boulanger (1918)

Lili Boulanger (1893-1918)

She composed many pieces before her premature death at age 24. There used to be talk among classical music musicians and enthusiasts about which composers who died young would have contributed increasingly great music had they lived. I’m quite sure she would have.


Euridice, Prologo “La Tragedia” e Coro “Se de’ boschi” — Jacopo Peri

Jacopo Peri (1561-1633)

Early opera composer. Influenced by the Florentine Camerata (in which Galileo’s father was prominent) with the idea of bringing Greek clarity and proportion into dramatic music. Euridice is from 1600.

Frank Rosolino on Jazz Scene USA 1962

Frank Rosolino (1926-1978)

Wonderful jazz trombonist. He is often associated with west coast jazz. (Like so many west coast jazz artists, he once played in the Stan Kenton Band.)

[His life ended tragically. He shot both of his sons – killing one, blinding the other – and then killed himself. I’ve never understood why anyone thinks he has to take other people with him when he decides enough is enough. Probably, there is no thinking at all.)