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Technique and Aesthetics (fragment)

Technique and aesthetics are, of course, intimately intertwined, but they are not the same; they are not synonymous.  This concept was widely known a few decades ago but is lost on many current folks.  The confusion creates seemingly endless and unresolvable misunderstanding. so much else that will not be boiled down to the simple and shallow terms people are trained by the surrounding culture to think in.

However, many people know the distinction on an inarticulate level…creating more confusion because they have something to say but can’t say it…again, like so much else — most? — that passes for “discussion”.  Education is greatly needed.  (I’m afraid education and information retrieval are also not synonymous.)

Blog notes

I really want to start writing more on this blog, but I’m not finding the time.  I hope to contribute more analysis and commentary in the future.

In the meantime, imagine you are walking past 2 McDonald Road and you hear music…Perhaps you will stop and listen…