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Every music style as its value/ I explore most of them.

I’ve been told by a friend that it is confusing and jarring that I post such a variety of music. Specialization is the way, he says. I know there are blues people, rock people, jazz people, classical people, etc.  I have my preferences, mainly derived from what I grew up with (largely classical and rock), but I have no problem at all transitioning from Deep Purple to Debussy, from the Stones to Sonny Stitt, from Soft Machine to Sibelius. Of course, they all have different meanings to me; but, in fact, I find it exciting (and almost compulsive, I admit) to spend my time exploring the great bazaar of life…I want to see and hear everything that has any value.

If some folks are more tribal in terms of music preferences, there shouldn’t be a problem. Just check out what you want to check out. Branching out might be fun, however.