Tina S Cover –The Trooper by Iron Maiden

Another brilliantly played cover by 16 year old Tina S.

Please stay away if you are going to say, “Lots of people can play this.”  🙂  Those “lots of people” can’t play it at this level and quality of personal distinction.  Isn’t the point crucial?  Quality is crucial.  In fact, Tina’s level of playing and trajectory of development are somewhat like:


This can be heard by perceptive listeners through whatever styles she is playing or the level of musical depth and complexity of particular pieces.

Exciting, brilliant, top-level cover, Tina!


Tina S Facebook page

I have posted many of Tina’s videos (with comments) on this site, but be sure to visit her YouTube site, too.  She has posted a variety of covers.

[Tina was taught and filmed by Renaud Louis-Servais.]






New Tina S Cover — For the Love of God (Steve Vai)

Tina S is back with another dazzling cover.  In my opinion, this may be her best. I may have said it regarding a few of her other covers (which I have posted here), but it only underscores that this fabulous young guitarist is on a trajectory of constant learning and improvement…quite old school. 🙂

I think of Tina as a baroque girl because she excels in baroquish technique and spirit.  Also, her articulate and deep musicality is second to none.  It raises her covers above the “showoff” school, which constitutes many, if not most, YouTube covers.

As usual, Tina covers with power, skill, and an essential “Tinaness”. This one reaches new heights.

Tina’s YouTube channel is here.

Tina’s teacher is Renaud Louis-Servais.

Tina S Submits a Smokin’ Cover of “Through the Fire and Flames” (DragonForce)

Here is the latest performance by 15 year old Tina S.  (Her Facebook here.)

You may have seen it already as it is viral and talked about all over the ‘net.

Generally speaking, I avoid anything associated with the word “dragon”, but I will happily make an exception in this case!  Tina comes through magnificently.  Her previous video, Gary Moore’s “The Loner”, was beautifully soulful.   “Through the Fire and Flames” is super-shredding and absolutely *smokes*!  Tina demonstrates her usual distinctive flow and powerful approach in dazzling form.

The best thing about Tina’s playing, to me, is that it is always recognizable as Tina – unique  individual elements combined into a distinct character.  This is very important and shows great promise in young player.  It signifies a developing personal style, an absolute prerequisite to exceptional and distinctive achievement, and it places her above the vast majority of electric guitarists. (I’m not even mentioning her wonderful technical prowess!) I advise readers who haven’t seen her other videos to check them out to hear more clearly what I am saying.

**Tina, if you read this…the wait was worth it!  Absolutely sensational work!  I wonder what the next surprise will be. The journey you are sharing with us is breathtaking, ma chère!  For you, each video may be a goal achieved, but for your fans each one provides hours of pleasure (on repeat) with the most attractive, intriguing, and interesting young metal guitarist on YouTube.**

Tina is an honest, incredibly determined and dedicated young lady and guitarist. Her integrity and determination to put out the very best are not only part of her character, they are part of her music.  I am very impressed with Tina. Despite her being only 15 years old, it is clear to me that she is a thorough and conscientious professional.

L’Express just did an interview and an article about Tina (in French, naturally). It is interesting reading, and I think it will demonstrate to you a little of Tina’s character, motivations, goals, etc.

[To those for which this kind of music is simply not their thing…Start at 4:02 and just witness some cool fireworks!]

**Tina was taught and the video shot by her teacher Renaud Louis-Servais.  For those interested, Renaud teaches at Riff State and now on Skype.  See my post.**

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