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McCoy Tyner – Live in Norway 1975

McCoy Tyner

From: VHS Dust






Frank Rosolino on Jazz Scene USA 1962

Frank Rosolino (1926-1978)

Wonderful jazz trombonist. He is often associated with west coast jazz. (Like so many west coast jazz artists, he once played in the Stan Kenton Band.)

[His life ended tragically. He shot both of his sons – killing one, blinding the other – and then killed himself. I’ve never understood why anyone thinks he has to take other people with him when he decides enough is enough. Probably, there is no thinking at all.)

You Are on My Mind — Chicago / James Pankow

James Pankow

Singer, trombone player, songwriter for “Chicago”.

Many of us were fans of the “down and dirty” Chicago Transit Authority and were a bit put off by the new sound, but it’s water under the bridge, and it is clear they made some good music in both manifestations.