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Anthropology — Bud Powell (1962)

Bud Powell (1924-1966). Great and influential jazz pianist.

From logudorian at YouTube


Erroll Garner LIVE in ’64!

I haven’t posted much piano jazz, but it was Erroll Garner’s birthday a couple of days ago and I came across this video.  Great pianist (who couldn’t read a note of music).

Piano Sonata — Charles Griffes

Charles Griffes  (1884-1920).  U.S. composer. Generally known as an “impressionist” (but you may know by now that I think music and art can be, and often is, overcategorized.) This is his only piano sonata.  There is no question that Debussy, etc. had a strong influence on him as did Scriabin.  But his music is his own..recognizable, I think.