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Can’t Seem to Make You Mine — The Seeds (1965)

Sky Saxon (1937-2009)

Singer, songwriter of “The Seeds”, an influential ’60’s garage and “proto-punk” band. (There is certainly some psychedelic sound involved, too.)


You Are on My Mind — Chicago / James Pankow

James Pankow

Singer, trombone player, songwriter for “Chicago”.

Many of us were fans of the “down and dirty” Chicago Transit Authority and were a bit put off by the new sound, but it’s water under the bridge, and it is clear they made some good music in both manifestations.

Hear the Beach Boys’ Angelic Vocal Harmonies in Four Isolated Tracks from Pet Sounds: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” “Sloop John B” & “Good Vibrations”

Isolated vocals. It is interesting to read the commentary here. As a clearly older cultural observer, it is interesting to me to trace attitudes toward the Beach Boys through the years. I remember when for a short time they were dismissed by politically aware musicians and others. Then it was discovered (mainly by “hippies”) that the Beach Boys had unconsciously achieved the bliss the counterculture was searching for! I kid you not. It was a common belief.

Anyway, surf music has, of course, been very influential in subsequent years, and almost everyone will assert the cultural and musical importance of “Pet Sounds”. (In a well-known example, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was powerfully influenced by Pet Sounds.)

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The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice (Vocals Only) - Copy_Moment