Tina S Covers Jason Becker’s “Altitudes” with Mastery and Magnificence

I haven’t been able to post much here recently (but should be back to normal soon), but you know I’m not going to miss a new video by the wonderful Tina S!

As usual with Tina’s posts, this video is fabulous to listen to.  It may be her most impressive yet.

I listened to it a few times last night, and I need to say to anyone who sees this post, please check out the video. Don’t miss this one!  It is a magnificent and masterful cover.

Jason Becker’s “Altitudes”.  I think you will agree that this is a true tour de force by young Tina (age 16), whether or not you like “neo-classical metal”.

Tina is step-by-step honing a very individual style…intense and edgy, punctuated by brushstrokes of great beauty. (I would easily recognize her playing in a crowd of covers, and it stands out prominently against competent slicker ones.) In this video, in addition to her remarkable flow, “line”, and compelling note values, her (apparently controversial) vibrato is powerful, edgy, almost ominous at times. To wax poetic, Tina is like a beautiful young valkyrie battling the elements with evolving style and power! She is an endlessly fascinating and exciting young guitarist, far out of the ordinary.

“Altitudes” is a fine composition by Jason Becker, (who, by the way, agrees on the merit of Tina’s playing) and points the way to some exciting things that can be done in the neo-classical field. My personal hope is that Tina pursues this path as it seems to be congenial to her; but, of course, I will support her whatever she chooses (and whatever path she takes will be exciting and awesome, it is clear by now).

Renaud Louis-Servais Interview (English)

Here is another post from Prog Sphere.  I’ve posted a number of videos and other items of Renaud-Louis-Servais . Some of you may be interested in a recent interview (in English) where he discusses his work, development, musical practices, etc.  I’ve become very interested in Renaud’s work and style during the last couple of years.

[Tina S fans…the largest percentage of my viewers…also may be interested in Tina’s guitar teacher.  Many have wanted to know more about Renaud.]



Prog Sphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 28 — Renaud-Louis Servais Group and Others

Here is an interesting and fun compilation of recent progressive rock pieces recently posted by Renaud-Louis Servais on his Facebook page.  It is, of course, on Prog Sphere YouTube channel. (RLSG – Renaud Louis-Servais Group is on track 8…”Epic Circus” that will soon be released on cd.) I am an admirer of Renaud and his group but there is a lot of other great stuff, too.  (Here is the Prog Sphere website.)

Track listing:

01. El Circulo de Willis – El hombre entre la multitud 00:0006:04
02. Malacoda – Cutting 06:0610:01
03. Kes – Hak 10:0315:37
04. Widek – Earthshine (feat. Plini) 15:3820:09
05. Klone – Immersion 20:1125:16
06. In The Presence of Wolves – Storm in a Red Dress 25:1829:36
07. Vola – A Stare Without Eyes 29:3934:32
08. Renaud Louis-Servais Group – Epic Circus 34:3441:04
09. Father Figure – Schizophrenzy 41:0546:26