Tina S covers Yngwie Malmsteen – Arpeggios From Hell

Tina S continues her wonderful development toward the highest levels of her art! She is building a very impressive foundation of skill and knowledge step-by-step. I hugely admire Tina.

Malmsteen challenges; Tina accepts (with magnificent results)!  (It really was a kind a challenge on Yngwie Malmsteen’s part.)

…and remember, Tina is still only 14 years old.  [Update: 15 years old today- 7 April]

I hope viewers of my blog are sophisticated enough to know that Tina is going about her guitar/musical education just as she should be…that, although her progress is astonishingly rapid, there is no substitute for practicing and accomplishing just the kind of exercises (covers) she is patiently accumulating.  There are no shortcuts (unless less than the highest level is acceptable). I am grateful that she chooses to share her work on videos.

***Update:  Update: Check out Tina’s newest video “Through the Fire and Flames” for some more smokin’ shredding!

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