Partita GWV 133 — Christoph Graupner // Fernando De Luca, Harpsichord

You might have surmised by now that I love the harpsichord.  In fact, I can’t think of a better way to start out my day.

This partita is by Christoph Graupner.  He was a contemporary of Bach; and, like Bach, he was a very prolific composer.  For a number of reasons his music was neglected, but it wasn’t because of the quality.  It is of a consistently high level and in the midst of a revival, it appears.

Bach – Goldberg Variations – Cembalo: Wanda Landowska

It was Wanda Landowska’s birthday a couple of days ago. I was listening to this beautiful 46 minute piece on YouTube and, I swear, it was interrupted twice by screaming commercials “Chrysler Sales Event!!!” and something else, was it “Niacin for relief of acid indigestion!!!”? Nothing like trashing the good things of the world. Wanda and Bach are turning in their graves. Anyway, here is a classic recording.