Renaud Louis-Servais Guitar Lessons in English (Teacher of Tina S)

UPDATE:  **Renaud now is giving private guitar lessons on Skype.**


Renaud Louis-Servais, as I have previously pointed out (examples here and here), is an exciting, dynamite guitarist and a wonderful fusion composer and performer.  He is known by many as the (obviously great) teacher of Tina S from her success on YouTube, but he is a complete working musician.  (Please check the links below.) If you are an English speaker and would like some top-rate guitar instruction, you should know he is now teaching guitar in English at Riff State. [Private lessons on Skype.]

Of course, you can get lessons in French, too.  Check out sites below.

Riff State

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Blog notes

I just began this music blog.  I have another blog at onemcdonaldroad that was originally intended to contain about half art and half music posts.  It wasn’t working as intended, so I decided to start this one.

Most of my life, music has been a primary interest.  I’ve always been interested in visual art, but only recently have I begun exploring it in depth…and it is a lot of fun.  Nevertheless, I grew up with music and it has always been a major part of my life and always will be.

Those who expect me to focus on one genre of music will be disappointed.  I love classical , but I am intensely interested all music, and I hope I will never stop discovering what is exciting in all kinds of music.  For example, I admit I wasn’t well-acquainted with “fusion” as a genre until recently.  But through certain circumstances I discovered the music of Renaud Louis-Servais, and it opened up a new field of discovery and appreciation.  That’s pretty much how I operate.  I am in this world for a limited time.  I want to discover and appreciate what is good in it with as few prejudices as possible blocking my appreciation.