Tina S Cover –The Trooper by Iron Maiden

Another brilliantly played cover by 16 year old Tina S.

Please stay away if you are going to say, “Lots of people can play this.”  🙂  Those “lots of people” can’t play it at this level and quality of personal distinction.  Isn’t the point crucial?  Quality is crucial.  In fact, Tina’s level of playing and trajectory of development are somewhat like:


This can be heard by perceptive listeners through whatever styles she is playing or the level of musical depth and complexity of particular pieces.

Exciting, brilliant, top-level cover, Tina!


Tina S Facebook page

I have posted many of Tina’s videos (with comments) on this site, but be sure to visit her YouTube site, too.  She has posted a variety of covers.

[Tina was taught and filmed by Renaud Louis-Servais.]






New Tina S Cover — For the Love of God (Steve Vai)

Tina S is back with another dazzling cover.  In my opinion, this may be her best. I may have said it regarding a few of her other covers (which I have posted here), but it only underscores that this fabulous young guitarist is on a trajectory of constant learning and improvement…quite old school. 🙂

I think of Tina as a baroque girl because she excels in baroquish technique and spirit.  Also, her articulate and deep musicality is second to none.  It raises her covers above the “showoff” school, which constitutes many, if not most, YouTube covers.

As usual, Tina covers with power, skill, and an essential “Tinaness”. This one reaches new heights.

Tina’s YouTube channel is here.

Tina’s teacher is Renaud Louis-Servais.

Psychedelic Songs

There are various views on what should be considered psychedelic…some narrow, some broad, and everything in between.  At any rate, here is a long video of the sound of a few fascinating years in musical culture.  It is obviously a personal selection of the video uploader.

You know The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service…but do you know Beauregard Ajax, Complex, Lahgonia, Rock Island, Fallen Angels, Hunger??

[Where the heck are the 13th Floor Elevators? :-)]

George Georgiou

00:00-H.P.LOVECRAFT- Wayfaring Stranger
02:38-COMPLEX – norwegian butterfly
09:35-LAGHONIA – Trouble Child
12:22-ROCK ISLAND – When I Was A Boy
14:27-AGINCOURT- When I Awoke
17:41-LOVE-a house is not a motel
21:03-ANDWELLAS DREAM- The Days Grew Longer For Love
24:53-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-the last wall of the castle
27:33-HEADSTONE – those days
33:09-DOORS STRANGE DAYS – Strange Days
36:15-FALLEN ANGELS – Introspective Looking Glass
42:47-FOTHERINGAY – the way i feel
47:26-SERPENT POWER — Forget
51:00-COMPLEX – green eyed lucy
58:12-LOVE-alone again or
01:01:17-HUMAN EXPRESSION – every night [demo]
01:03:57-PRIDE – worthless pleasures
01:06:41-FALLEN ANGELS – Love, Don’t Talk to Strangers
01:08:38-SERPENT POWER – Flying Away
01:13:02-PRIDE – song of the pirate
01:16:42-COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-grace
01:23:39-PINK FLOYD – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
01:28:58-COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-bass strings
01:33:52-COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-death sound
01:38:15-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Shifting Sands
01:42:12-HUNGER – Mind Machine
01:45:46-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-the ballad of you & me& pooneil
01:50:21-DEEP PURPLE APRIL 1969 — blind
01:55:41-AFTERGLOW — morning
01:57:42-PRETTY THINGS -The Sun [bonus track]
02:00:43-BEATLES MAGICAL MISTERY TOUR – Strawberry Fields Forever
02:04:39-THORINSHIELD – the best of it
02:07:10-Beauregard Ajax – Loneliness is a Sometime Thing – 1968 (vinyl)
02:15:39-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-White Rabbit

Tina S Offers a Cover of a 1986 Metal Classic (Metallica “Master of Puppets”)

Metallica to Satie.  (That’s the way I operate…always have.)

Tina is building an interesting (and highly popular) cover oeuvre while mastering a wide variety of essential guitar skills.  This one displays her aggressive and powerful playing and some really formidable lyrical skills.  These lyrical skills are one of the foundations of masterful playing, and I am pleased to hear them here is such clear form and am once again very impressed with this wonderful girl (16 y.o.) whose determination and trajectory appear to be relentless!   Nice, Tina!

Tina S

Renaud Louis-Servais Interview (English)

Here is another post from Prog Sphere.  I’ve posted a number of videos and other items of Renaud-Louis-Servais . Some of you may be interested in a recent interview (in English) where he discusses his work, development, musical practices, etc.  I’ve become very interested in Renaud’s work and style during the last couple of years.

[Tina S fans…the largest percentage of my viewers…also may be interested in Tina’s guitar teacher.  Many have wanted to know more about Renaud.]